Why choose Lustercap Software Engineers

Tailored To Quench Your Software Thirst!!!

Guaranteed Quality Service Provision

Lustercap Software Engineers (Pty) Ltd is one of the best software development companies in South Africa that boasts in having a number of exceptionally experienced software developers, who have more than 10 years working on robust systems which range from basic mobile applications to complex web-based systems. Lustercap team prides itself in its vibrant and energetic teamwork culture that is expressed and manifested through the excitement, exceptionalism and result-oriented zeal in delivering nothing, but the BEST on the table for all our valued customers.

Tailor-Made Software

Lustercap Software Engineers are dedicated to quench your software thirst by tailor-making the best and most appropriate software that acutely and exceedingly meet your software specifications. Our mission and thrust is to provide and meet nothing less than your highest software expectations that propel your organisation to excel with an unbeatable competitiveness beyond the reach.

Transforming Lives

Lustercap is not only centered on making profits, but strongly believes in identifying potential, empowering people and connecting them to their dreams so as to live a life full of impact and fulfilling their purpose.

Innovation + Creativity = Lustercap

When Innovation meets Creativity, Empowerment is Inevitable.

Brighten your future with unprecedented technological innovation and explore the world of endless software possibilities.

Lustercap is inspired to light up the world through the provision of unprecedented software solutions emanating from great innovation and creativity.

We strongly believe in our core values centered on the empowerment of Africans by eroding any sense of low self-esteem and transforming the face of Africa through the unleashing of potential, skill and talent in Africans.

“Vision sustains Life”

Lustercap Core Values

  • Renewing Minds
  • Empowering People
  • Transforming Lives
  • Brightening The African Continent
Where there is a will, there is a way

What Distinguishes Lustercap From Other Software Companies

Lustercap sees and reaches beyond just business, but transforming the lives of Africans and make Africa the best continent to be on earth. Our Core Values are our main pillars in the empowerment of Africans to be the best they can ever be and create the best community worth enjoying life.

We strongly believe in transforming lives by the renewal of people’s minds to believe in themselves, unlimited possibilities, unleashing of great potential, turning dreams into realities, achieving destinies and fulfilling purposes.

We are highly driven by the heartfelt desire to reach out to the less privileged and empowering them to fulfill their purposes in life and help them attain their goals contributing to the dawn of a bright African Continent. We believe everyone is born with a gift and/or talent that is to be explored. Lustercap therefore, stands in the gap connecting people to their destinies in line with the overall vision to make Africa the best continent ever.

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Web-Based System Applications 90%
Mobile Applications 95%
Desktop Applications 90%
Website Designs 90%
Lustercap Team

Who We Are

Lustercap Software Engineers is a Southern African-based team of software engineers, designers, and technophiles. Our mission is to create exceptional custom-made software that drive value for your business and clients.

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Agile Experts

Our custom agile process is unique among software development firms and is designed to reduce risks, avoid delays, and promote transparency. Small, cross-functional teams called squads work on your system from beginning to end.

Deeply Experienced

We have successfully developed and delivered applications and systems for South Africa and Zimbabwe. Our clients have always have always come back to us with positive feedback of high levels of satisfaction from our services.

Industry Innovators

We have designed and developed a number of industry-first mobile apps,  first schools app for Top Schools in Zimbabwe and a first-of-its-kind touchless payments platform for one of the largest retailers.

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